Speaker Biography

Alekseewa Oksana

Ural state University of physical culture, Russian Federation

Title: Physical abilities of the female body

Alekseewa Oksana


Statement of the Problem: Problem statement: there is an opinion that women are weaker, but this is not the case . The researchers reported that women were more resilient than men in long-term physical activity, they hope that the data will be useful in evaluating athletic performance, and suggest reducing the load on men so that their endurance is equal to women's. In  1967, Katherine Schwitzer became the first woman to run the Boston marathon. She got this opportunity thanks to the inattention of the judges, who decided that her name in the list of participants belongs to a man — in those years, women were forbidden to participate in marathon races. A study by a Professor of neurophysiology at the University of British Columbia found that prolonged physical activity is much less tiring for women than for men of the same age and fitness level. Previously, it was known that women are more resilient than men during isometric tests, scientists wanted to find out how true this is for dynamic, more everyday movements .And the answer is clear: women feel significantly less exhausted after dynamic muscle exercises, compared to men of similar age and physical abilities. Conclusion and meaning: these studies prove that women are physically fitter than men.